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What are Cookies

Cookies are a small text file that the website you visit requests to save on your computer. A cookie can be used to collect data about how the site is used or for a visitor to interact with the website, such as Choose language and make different settings.

There are two different variants of cookies. One that is a short-term (session cookie) and only lasts during the visit to the web page. Such a cookie is often used to Choose language and enable an online store to track a visitor's shopping cart.

The second variant is a more prolonged cookie and can include used to see if something has changed on the web page or if new offers have been added since the last visit. A long-term cookie has an expiration date and is then automatically deleted from your computer.

What cookies do we use

Our site uses both short-term cookies and longer-term. Our cookies are for you to get a better customer experience and to enable our customers to shop in our online store. We also use Google Analytics. It is an analytical tool provided by Google (Google Inc.) to see statistics about how our visitors use the site and measure the impact of advertising. We also use cookies from Facebook and AddThis.

When you agree to Cookies

By using our site and allowing your computer, mobile or tablet to accept cookies, you agree to how we and Google use cookies and can thus use our site fully. You can at any time undo your consent by setting your browser to not accept cookies.

If you do not agree to Cookies.

If you do not agree to cookies, you can turn off the option in browser settings. Then no cookies are stored on your computer, but you can not use our website fully. You will still be able to browse the page and read text but you will not be able to shop in the online store or use certain features.